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Kevin Slaney, Chief Instructor, 6th Dan

I have been training for over 35 years now, starting at the famous Rose Street Karate Club in Inverness. Having joined Highland Shotokan with Sensei Ross in the mid 80s, I continue to train with the same group of instructors to this day. From passing Shodan in 1988 to being awarded Rokudan in 2017, karate has been a major part of my life -I even met my wife in the dojo!

I continue to train and enjoy it stiil. The body may be a little slower now, but that's just a different challenge!

Sensei Andrew McNeil, 3rd Dan

Born in Toledo, Ohio USA. Brought up in Fife and educated at Edinburgh University and Strathclyde University. I first trained in Wado Ryu at high school. I subsequently passed Shodan with Sensei Shirai as part of Sensei Ronnie Watt’s Shotokan Club at University. There have been a few gaps in training and study due to work and participation in athletics.

The challenges to self and spirit grow and change as you train. There is a depth to the learning that is offered in our karate group that complements that process.

I was proud to have passed Sandan under Sensei Hazard in 2016 and now consider myself a well-qualified beginner!

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